Manitoba crop insects seen in 2017

Manitoba Agriculture entomologist offers his yearly summary of bugs

A lygus bug prepares to wreak havoc on a canola plant.

From aphids to wheat midge, a wide variety of insects made their presence known in Manitoba crops in 2017.

John Gavloski, entomologist with Manitoba Agriculture, has compiled a summary entitled ‘Summary of Insects on Crops in Manitoba in 2017‘ of the insects observed in fields across the province.

Much of the crop insects identified in his summary (see link below) are based on observations and reports from agronomists, farmers, farm production extension specialists, extension coordinators, and others who contributed information this past growing season. As this summary is based on what insects were actually observed or reported, it is not intended to be a complete representation of all the insect populations in 2017.

Click here to download ‘Summary of Insects on Crops in Manitoba in 2017’ (PDF).

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