Liquid Canola Inoculant Approved For Prairies

Agrowth promotant for canola crops has picked up Canadian Food Inspection Agency approval for a new liquid formulation.

BrettYoung’s BioBoost, which includes a patented strain of rhizobacteria Delftia acidovorans, is expected to be available in the new formulation, branded BioBoost Liquid, for canola growers’ use this spring.

“We launched this product on a limited basis in the U. S. last year and have been very encouraged by the yield performance reported by our customers,” BrettYoung’s co-CEO Calvin Sonntag said in a release.

“That performance has already translated into significant growth in demand this year for the product.”

BioBoost Liquid, which will be marketed by the 40-acre package is mixed with water and applied after crop emergence as a spray at the zero-to six-leaf stage of canola.

The company said its new product may also be tank mixed with glyphosate and applied with the first application of the herbicide on Genuity Roundup Ready canola.

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