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Jatropha Eyed For Biofuels

Mozambique has drafted a strategy for the production of biofuels from the drought-resistant jatropha crop, which contains up to 40 per cent oil, its energy minister said.

“We hope the biofuels project will be approved despite the fluctuation of oil prices on the international market,” Salvador Namburete told a briefing. “We have conditions to proceed with production in Mozambique given the vast potential.”

Jatropha is a non-food crop whose oil can be used to produce biodiesel. It can be grown on semi-arid land and so poses less of a threat to food production than other biofuel feedstocks such as grains and vegetable oils, supporters argue.

Namburete said the state has also received requests to open up more than five million hectares of land for the production of biodiesel, with coconuts, sunflowers and the weed-like jatropha plant being tested as possible feedstock.



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