Green Gold Report for Central Region

Balance quality needs with volume

From Monday, June 3 to Thursday, June 6 we saw the alfalfa grow about two inches. Fields in the central area that are part of the Green Gold program are in the late vegetative stage and the RFV have started to decrease. Both the Arborg and Baldur site are close to Hay Day as the RFV are dropping fairly quickly, as are the proteins. The Mariapolis site looks to still have about nine to 10 days to go till Hay Day.
For those of you that think your crop is too short remember you can gain 250 lbs./ inch of growth but lose four to five points of RFV for each day you delay. With that type of drop and the promise of good weather the trade-off of lbs. of hay versus quality comes into question. Also remember that not everyone needs or wants dairy quality hay. Therefore waiting for the crop to reach the RFV that your livestock require can improve feed supplies.

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