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Gene Shuffling Technology Yields New Trait

DuPont has received full Canadian regulatory approval of its proprietary herbicide tolerance trait, Optimum GAT, in corn and soybeans for cultivation, feed, and food.

“The Optimum GAT trait combined with our industry-leading genetics and other complementary technologies will help growers maximize yields and allow noticeably cleaner fields through harvest,” said Paul E. Schickler, vice-president and general manager of DuPont and president of Pioneer Hi-Bred in a release.

DuPont business Pioneer Hi-Bred has already received U. S. approval of the Optimum GAT trait in soybeans and anticipates U. S. approval of the Optimum GAT trait in corn in the coming months. DuPont is also pursuing regulatory approvals in key export markets around the world for both Optimum GAT soybeans and corn.

The first-ever agricultural trait developed through proprietary DuPont gene-shuffling technology, the Optimum GAT trait will enable new herbicide options that will provide broader-spectrum weed control without compromising crop safety.



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