Foodgrains Bank fundraising fields still waiting for harvest

Other growing projects saw excellent yields, which may even out donations

The Arborg growing project harvested 75 acres of wheat on September 9 with six combines and one swather. The project yielded 4,175 bushels, raising just over $25,000, said a spokesperson from the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

Several Canadian Foodgrains Bank growing projects are struggling to get their crops in, said Manitoba representative Gordon Janzen on Oct. 22.

“Its been a tough harvest season and we feel for all those farmers who haven’t been able to complete harvest yet,” said Janzen.

At the time, the Foodgrains Bank had seven projects with around 1,100 acres of crop yet unharvested — six soybean fields and one wheat field.

Across the province, 35 growing projects raise about 60 per cent of the Foodgrains Bank’s budget in Manitoba, said Janzen.

Farmers and ag suppliers team up to donate time, land, equipment and inputs to grow crops. The proceeds are then donated to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Last year they raised just under $2 million.

“They’re a very big part of the supporting base,” he said.

Volunteers with the Arborg growing project take a break during harvest operations. photo: Canadian Foodgrains Bank

Janzen said that while some harvests were halted by snow and rain, other projects were able to get the crops off in time and saw good yields. He was optimistic that this might even out financial contributions.

“Farming is that kind of enterprise,” said Janzen.

Janzen said it’s amazing how committed and generous the growers are.

In November, the Foodgrains Bank is hosting several appreciation banquets and suppers for growers, supporters and community members across Manitoba.

These banquets will feature updates from the organization, and some will feature Colleen Dyck, one of the subjects of the recently released documentary “Common Strength,” according to a Foodgrains Bank newsletter.

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