It’s buyer beware when purchasing crop fertilizer: don’t pay $12 per acre for ‘foo-foo dust’

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency no longer tests fertilizers for efficacy 
and quality, so it’s buyer beware

tractor fertilizing a crop as seen from above

A “streamlining” of federal oversight of crop fertilizers has opened the door to deceptive marketing claims and forced product testing on to farmers.

“There have always been con men trying to sell you things with dubious claims. It’s just maybe easier for them now,” said Harry Brook, a crop specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development.

“All of a sudden, we’re seeing a whole bunch of fertilizer products being promoted, but a farmer has to ask: Are they actually effective? For a lot of these products, there’s no research or they are taking the research out of context for their marketing purposes. It amounts certainly to millions of dollars being spent by Alberta producers on questionable products.”

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