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Farm Leadership Council Partners With Pulse Growers

The Farm Leadership Council (FLC) and Manitoba Pulse Growers Association (MPGA) have announced a one-year strategic partnership that will support the dramatic shift in the way producer education and professional development is delivered in Western Canada.

“We are very excited to have the Manitoba Pulse Growers as a partner,” said Farm Leadership Council board chair Daved Meakin in a release. FLC is a producer-led organization that provides educational and training opportunities to farmers across the Prairies.

“A vibrant agriculture industry starts with strong innovative producers. This partnership will expand the reach of the two organizations and enhance the services we can offer producers – including the FLC’s Advanced Producer Networks (APN),” he said.

APNs allow producers to participate in meaningful dialogue with topic industry experts and network with leading producers from the comfort of their home office. These online networks are an easy and convenient way for producers to connect with other producers, learn about new technologies and how to better manage their operations.

“MPGA is looking forward to working with FLC,” said MPGA chair Andrew Saramaga. “Part of our strategic plan for 2011 is to provide more value and communication to our members. We are confident FLC’s Advanced Producer Networks will give our producers more tools to succeed.”

The partnership will allow the organization to share some services and costs, the release says.

“As the global agricultural landscape continues to change, it is imperative that there is a strong vision and leadership to assist producers to achieve the full potential of their businesses and the success of the industry,” Meakin said.

“This type of co-operation is essential in helping the council in its quest to improving the business of farming.”



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