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Everest GBX Offers One-Pass Weed Control

Everest GBX, when combined with the grower’s choice of phenoxy, controls more weeds better than any other single product on the market today, Arysta LifeScience says in a release.

Weeds like buckwheat, cleavers and kochia along with other yield robbers like flushing wild oats and green foxtail can be silenced in one pass. “The advantage of Everest GBX is its ability to be customized, based on individual weed spectrum and pressure,” says Craig Brekkas, marketing and key account manager, Western Canada for Arysta LifeScience. “Rates are flexible and can be changed based on your weed concerns providing a wide weed spectrum and economy at the same time. It really gives more control at better value to maximize yields.”

The product combines Group 2 and Group 4 activity in one easy-to-use product.


Heat, a new herbicide that has a unique class of chemistry that dramatically improves glyphosate control in pre-seed and chemfallow applications, has been registered, BASF has announced.

When mixed with glyphosate, Heat offers fast and complete control of all broadleaf wheats, consistent control of weeds up to the eight-leaf stage, and weed-resistance management.

The active ingredient in Heat is Kixor, a new Group 14, which kills weeds through contact and systemically.

Heat can be applied on land being seeded to pulses, all cereals and chemfallow.

It’s safe to plant a wide range of crops including barley, wheat, canola, corn, edible beans, flax, oats, peas and soybeans the year following an application of Heat.



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