CWB Issues Interim Payments

STAFF / Prairie wheat and barley growers who delivered to the Canadian Wheat Board in the 2010-11 crop year will receive interim payments starting Nov. 8.

The biggest of the per-tonne interim payments will go to No. 2 Canada Western Red Spring, 15.5 per cent protein, at $55.20; the lowest, $2.80, will go to No. 2 CW Soft White Spring wheat.

Malting barley will yield an interim payment of $6 per tonne (13 cents a bushel) and Pool B feed barley, $7 (15 cents), the CWB announced Oct. 28.

In this instance, the interim payments are effective Thursday (Oct. 27) but will be issued by direct deposit on Nov. 8 or by cheque via regular mail by about Nov. 18.

For examples, interim payments for the highest- protein No. 1 CWRS wheat, 15.5 per cent, will be $41.10 per tonne ($1.12 per bushel), while No. 1 CWRS at 11 per cent will fetch an interim of $17.75 per tonne (48 cents a bushel).

For No. 1 CW Red Winter Select at 11 per cent protein or higher, the interim payment will be $26.40 per tonne (72 cents a bushel), while for No. 1 CW Amber durum (11 per cent), the payment will be $24.25 per tonne (66 cents a bushel).

Final payments to farmers are expected to be made after CWB accounts are finalized, typically in early December. Farmers can defer their interim payments and have until Nov. 4 to notify the CWB.



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