How does this year’s seeding progress compare to normal?

tractor seeding in a field

Last week, MAFRD cereal crop specialist Pam de Rocquigny posted a table on Crop Chatter showing average seeding progress from 2009-2013, based on crop insurance data.

seeding progress chart
Cumulative seeding progress as of May 1 — 2009-2013. photo: Source: MAFRD/MASC

The publication is now discontinued, but until 2009 the provincial agriculture department published an annual statistical review which contained a table showing various weather-related dates (see below). It shows that from 1963 to 2009, wheat seeding became general in Manitoba as early as May 1 (1980, 1998, 2000 and 2004) and as late as June 7 (1979).

historical seasonal data

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