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Best new products for 2016 coming to Ag Days

This year’s show will once again feature a full range of new products certain to gather a lot of attention

Each year, Manitoba Ag Days is the backdrop as retailers, manufacturers, dealers and entrepreneurs launch their top new products for the upcoming season. This year’s show will once again feature a full range of new products certain to gather a lot of attention from visitors looking for the latest in farming technology and products.

All new products are listed in the Ag Days Show Guide. All qualifying entries are judged and the Best New Product Award is presented at the show.

Last year’s winner of the Best New Product 2015 was Honey Bee Manufacturing with its AirFlex combine draper header.

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A sampling of new products in 2016 includes:

IDig (Botterill Sales) — Allows the operator to measure slope, depth and distance of the bucket on an excavator or backhoe without need of lasers or measuring staff in real time, reducing wasted time and labour.

Landoll HSL — The High Speed Landoll compact tillage machine has been successfully managing high levels of residue while leaving a great finish. The unit is easy to set, level and transport with very low maintenance compared to others.

The Perfect Tree Saw — So simple, it’s hard to believe it works! Cut down trees, fencelines, old windrows with ease, simply drive straight at the tree and watch it fall to the side. Units for ATVs for cleaning pasture land.

Farmers Edge — Smart Solution from Farmers Edge is a whole-farm solution for today’s grower. Designed to help farmers advance the potential of their farming operation, the leading edge innovation of Smart Solution takes a field-centric approach to the right data, providing the most advanced, innovative and integrated data package available in precision agriculture today.

MacDon — No Mow Limitations! Introducing the all-new MacDon R1 Series Pull-Type Disc Mower. Featuring our award-winning road-friendly transport option, transforming both 13- and 16-foot models to a narrow nine-foot-wide transport. Don’t limit your harvesting possibilities, find out why top producers trust MacDon for their harvest.

Northern Plains Drainage Systems — Ditch Assist is a new, simple, and affordable grade control system for drainage, grading, and land levelling. It runs on Android phones and tablets (no more expensive displays), and features wireless communication between implement and cab, automatic implement hydraulic control, and is compatible with most common agricultural GPS receivers.

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