Bayer Drops Prices For Wild Oat Control

Bayer CropScience announced May 20 that it is dropping prices for its portfolio of cereal wild oat herbicides by as much as 15 per cent off suggested retail prices.

Growers will benefit from price reductions on the following Bayer CropScience herbicides:

Product Price Reposition Puma120 Super $3/acre PumaAdvance $3/acre Tundra $3/acre Velocitym3 $2/acre Thumper Total $2/acre

“Bayer CropScience wanted to express our support for growers and the industry by offering price reductions on our leading cereal wild oat herbicides,” explains Al Driver, vice-president of marketing and business development with Bayer CropScience.

New DuPont Harmony MAX herbicide

Western Canada wheat and durum growers can manage weeds and improve productivity with new DuPont Harmony MAX herbicide. It provides convenient one-pass control of tough broadleaf weeds, as well as wild oats and green foxtail, in one easy-to-use case, a company release says.

The product combines both grass and broadleaf control in one 40-acre case. Plus, the grass herbicide in Harmony MAX has the surfactant built right in, so there are fewer jugs to handle and rinse.

Many researchers recommend the use of a tankmix with active ingredients from multiple groups to prevent and manage resistant species. MAX contains three broadleaf active ingredients from two different herbicide groups (2 and 4). Harmony MAX provides control of a wide range of broadleaf weeds like wild buckwheat, cleavers and kochia, including Group 2-resistant biotypes.



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