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BASF Launches New Fusarium Fungicide

BASF Canada has received Pest

Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) registration for Caramba fungicide, a new systemic triazole fungicide for use on wheat, oats, barley and rye.

“This is great news for cereal growers,” said Mike Bakker, fungicide brand manager with BASF Canada.

Caramba combines protection against fusarium head blight with premium leaf disease control. The active ingredient in Caramba is metconazole. This active is part of the triazole (Group 3) family of fungicides which have protective and curative activity on a number of foliar diseases in a range of crops.

By managing fusarium head blight, growers will realize the benefits of improved yield and reduced levels of deoxynivalenol (DON) contamination, protecting grain quality and value.

To maximize the performance on fusarium head blight, Caramba should be applied at 20 per cent flowering (GS 61-63) to wheat, oats and rye. For barley, apply Caramba between full head emergence to up to three days after full emergence of main stem heads.

Crop insurance deadlines

The last day to seed crops in Manitoba and be covered by crop insurance is June 20. But there are some other crop insurance deadlines farmers need to heed.

June 21 – Last day to file Forage Establishment Insurance (FEI) claims for crops seeded in the prior crop year without a late fee.

June 22 – Last day to file Excess Moisture Insurance (EMI) claims without a late fee. June 30 is the absolute deadline. The late filing penalty is 25 per cent of the insured’s indemnity to a maximum of $500.

June 30 – Last day to file Seeded Acreage Reports (SAR) without late fees.



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