Aphids turning up in cereals, peas

Aphids on wheat.

Aphids have been a concern in some cereal and pea fields, according to Manitoba Agriculture’s latest insect and disease update on Wednesday.

Aphids have also been reported in corn, and isolated incidence of turnip aphids have been found in canola, the province said.

Thistle caterpillar and their webbing continue to be quite noticeable in some soybean fields, although caterpillars in some areas are turning to pupae.

There are some canola fields in the province’s central region where diamondback moth was getting close to the economic threshold.

Among crop diseases, blackleg and sclerotinia were reported at low levels in canola. Leaf lesions from blackleg were observed in the lower leaves in some fields.

Root rot was the most common disease reported in soybeans this week.

For more information check out Manitoba Agriculture’s insect and disease update page.

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