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Seed of the Year is proud to announce AC Metcalfe, a two-row malting barley variety, as the winner of Seed of the Year -West.

AC Metcalfe, developed by Bill Legge at AAFC Brandon, received full registration in 1997, and was an advance in agronomic, disease resistance and quality traits in a two-row malting barley variety.

It is known for its consistency, high enzyme levels, rapid throughput in the malt house, and high levels of fermentable extract. Maltsters and brewers throughout the world demand the quality of AC Metcalfe for their products.

Seed of the Year is designed to provide recognition to publicly developed varieties that have made a significant contribution to the economy, agriculture, and the Canadian public in general.

“AC Metcalfe came into the marketplace at a good time when the industry was willing to consider shifting away from Harrington to new varieties. AC Metcalfe combined excellent malting quality with stronger straw and higher yield than Harrington. Its improved disease resistance allowed it to be grown over a wider area in Western Canada with less risk,” said Legge.

“The continued dominance of AC Metcalfe as Canada’s flagship two-row malting barley variety clearly demonstrates the outstanding characteristics of this variety. AC Metcalfe has made a huge impact on the barley industry both for producers and processors and is the reason I felt it should be honoured as Seed of the Year,” said Jim Downey who nominated AC Metcalfe.

Part of the western award is a scholarship for $4,000 that is awarded to a student enrolled in a western Canadian university and currently completing a masters or PhD in plant breeding or genetics.

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