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Agriculture Canada Sees Higher Acreage

Canadian farmers will plant more wheat, durum, canola, oats and barley this spring and leave less unplanted land – if they can, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada said.

The department’s outlook for grains and oilseeds for the 2011- 12 crop year May 10 maintained Statistics Canada’s April 26 planting estimates for canola, oats, barley and durum.

Assuming normal precipitation, unplanted acres and crop quality and yield, production of Canada’s biggest crops will increase, the department said.

All-wheat production will rise 13 per cent to an estimated 26.2 million tonnes, Ag Canada said.

Canola production could rise 12 per cent to a record 13.3 million tonnes, while oat production may climb by half to 3.5 million tonnes, the department said.

Farmers grew smaller crops last year due to wet, cool weather that stunted growth and left large areas unplanted.

Statistics Canada will next estimate planting area on June 23, based on a farmer survey.



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