Aerial registrations for broadleaf weed control approved

Dow AgroSciences has received aerial use registrations for Prestige XC, Attain XC and OcTTain XL a move the company says will offer more options to customers needing broadleaf weed control in regions with spring conditions that are too wet as well as those needing to cover a large number of cereal acres quickly.

“We have all seen how quickly broadleaf weeds can take over. Aerial application provides another option to minimize weed competition and get crops off to a good start,” says Lorne Thoen, Dow AgroSciences product manager. “The ability to apply these products by air helps ensure that broadleaf weed populations do not get out of control on growers — regardless of spring conditions.”

Attain XC can be ground or aerial applied to durum, spring, winter wheat, barley and forage grasses in the early-four-leaf crop stage. Weeds controlled include tough broadleaf weeds such as kochia, stork’s bill, round-leaved mallow, and more. The rate can be adjusted to 40 or 53 acres per case, depending on weed conditions.

Prestige XC provides broad-spectrum control of broadleaf weeds. OcTTain XL controls Group 2-resistant kochia, wild buckwheat, cleavers, and flixweed. It is registered for control or suppression on a total of 30 broadleaf weeds.

For growers with wild oats infestations Dow AgroSciences products Simplicity, Liquid Achieve and Tandem are also registered for aerial application.



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