4-H Reports – for Mar. 31, 2011

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“Fuelling the champions of tomorrow” is the purpose of “Project Pitstop,” an initiative at Binscarth Elementary School led by the club. With a grant from Cargill’s Victory Hybrid Canola Reaping Returns Program, “Project Pitstop” has been implemented to provide healthy nutritious breakfasts to the students of Binscarth Elementary, all free of charge. The goal of the program is to encourage children to make better personal choices regarding their own well-being, by making healthy breakfasts available. Due to the fact that many kids get on the bus so early in the morning, breakfast can be a difficult option.

To qualify for Cargill’s community outreach program, the 4-H club had to prepare a short video which explained how the project would help promote either health and nutrition, education, or the environment in the community.

Project leader Logan Pizzey and co-leader Amy Pizzey chose to target all three interest areas with their project. By delivering a well-balanced, nutritious breakfast to the students, the criteria of promoting health and nutrition was easily met. Education was targeted by planning events to inform the students of the importance of a wholesome breakfast, including morning fact announcements, signs displaying major food groups placed in the breakfast area, and fun activities and contests to encourage participation. Project Pitstop also shows concern for the environment by using only washable plates, cups and cutlery rather than disposable Styrofoam and plastics.

Cargill and Victory Hybrid Canola awarded the club a generous cheque of $2,500 to fund the endeavour into the future. In addition to receiving the initial funding, Project Pitstop was awarded a second grant of $2,500 from “Cargill Cares,” bringing the total grant to $5,000. The club is very grateful for the generous support of the project.

The program has been implemented and has been received with great success so far. With funding secure for the future, the prospects for the project look bright. “The students look forward to a wholesome start to their day,” Binscarth School principal Ed Robidoux said.

“We are thankful the local 4-H club took the initiative to apply for the Cargill grant. The breakfasts offered through the program enable the students to maintain their energy and focus throughout the morning. Students are happy and eager to enjoy the breakfast choices that are offered while also enjoying the social interaction that this program affords.”

If you would like more information on Project Pitstop, including how to volunteer, simply contact Adele Pizzey at 204-683-2539 or ask a Binscarth 4-H member. – Logan Pizzey


On March 17 the Shift ’N’ Lift Rodeo 4-H club had a supper at the seniors’ hall in Plumas. Members read their speeches and Shelby Gillies did some Irish dancing. There was also a Chinese auction and lots of other fun activities.

A special thank you goes to the Neepawa/Gladstone Co-op for its donation of $50 to our club and to Farm Credit Canada for granting us $500 to put toward our clinics and livestock fees. Also, thank you to the Gladstone branch of Austin Credit Union for donating $25 to our club.

A humongous thank you also goes to Dr. Tanya Anderson of Gladstone Vet Clinic for putting on two presentations about how to care for horses in all aspects. It was really great and everyone learned a lot about horse care. Another thank you goes to Ted and Valerie Pauwells for hosting our Christmas party with a sleigh ride and wiener roast.

The club’s communication night was on Feb. 28 at Shauna Peters’ place. Our bronc halters were a beautiful success and another thank you goes to Jay Ahntholz for sewing them up for our club with his leather sewing machine.

We plan to meet March 27 at the Elkhorn Resort indoor riding arena for our cash draw and group ride. Some lucky people will be a little richer by the time that day is through. The club member who sold the winning ticket will receive a colt generously donated by Brent and Jenny Collins.

We look forward to a fun spring practising our rodeo events and attending clinics to further our “rodeo and horse education.” – Reid Ahntholz


Among the new business at our Feb. 8 meeting we discussed fundraising. It was decided to get 50 Pay-What-You-Pull ticket books to sell as a fund-raiser. Each member is to sell two books and must submit the money to the club.

On another note, the club is no longer going to be supported by our local MLA, due to cutbacks.

Guest speaker Jeanine Souque gave a presentation on feed efficiency, the effects of crossbreeding and selecting a fed calf project, along with the differences between a good calf and a poor calf and expected start/ finish weight ratios.

For our winter fun event, we are having a sleigh ride on March 19. The members were asked to give numbers of attendance so we can get enough sleighs, horses and snacks lined up. We are having 17 people coming, and all are encouraged to bring a friend if they wish. There will be a campfire and we will have hot chocolate and roast hotdogs and marshmallows.

We set the date for our next weigh day, March 26 at 1:30 p.m. at Horner Cattle Co.

Speeches were held on Feb. 3 at the Rapid City Library. Four members spoke at the meeting and we had Ron Kristjanssen judge the speeches. The other members will do their speeches at the next meeting. One member will go to compete with his speech at Zones and we all wish Sean Horner good luck. – Clint Hinsburg


The club’s communications night at Gainsborough Hall was an evening full of interesting, helpful and funny stories and informative speeches, on topics from being stranded in the middle of nowhere to endangered species and so much more. Our junior finalists for regionals are: Janine Jack, visual presentation on “Ringette” and Jasmine Verwey on “Endangered Species.” The intermediate finalists are Cindy Jack, with a visual presentation on “Ting-a-lings” and Shania Jack speaking on “Adventures in Agriculture.” Lastly, our seniors are Amber Gerbrandt with a visual presentation on “Achoo” and Rachael Verwey speaking on “Crash! Bang! Smash!” – Lindsay Verwey


On Dec. 28 the club and members’ families had a blast at bowling night in Carman. Everybody enjoyed glow bowling and eating pizza. In January the main focus of our meeting was “How to make a speech.”

February was a busy month. We held our monthly meeting at Wendell Reimer’s house, where he made us hamburgers and hotdogs for lunch, then took us on sleigh rides with his team of horses. We also held a judging clinic at his place where we practised judging steers and heifers. Thank you Mr. Reimer, Billy and Sierra for inviting us into your home!

The Graysville Beef and Central Dairy clubs joined us for our annual speech night Feb. 24. We would like to thank all the judges who took time to come and judge the speeches; your support means a lot. The winners from our club were: Junior Visual, Taylor Carlson, “Wombats”; Junior Speech, Brittney deRuiter, “Dogs”: Intermediate Speech, Noel Fenez, “Refugee Camps”; and Senior Speech, Billy Reimer, “Advertising.”

At our March meeting, Ron deRuiter gave a presentation on feed rations for steers and how to balance them. We also discussed buying jackets for the club. – Nolan Vandersluis


There is a Fun Day planned with swimming and bowling in the near future. 4-H tickets for the Winter Fair discount are ordered, so watch for fellow 4-H’ers at the upcoming Winter Fair in Brandon.

Feb. 22 was an evening with many good speeches on topics ranging from farm safety and card making to animal-care regulations and an exchange trip to Japan. The Central Plains Area 4-H communications event was scheduled to follow on March 12. Good luck to all participants.

Keep in mind any ideas for Earth Day coming up later this spring.

– Trenton Friesen


The club held its meeting Jan. 13 with all members present. For fundraising, members will be selling 50/50 tickets. This year it was discussed to try and have the club’s achievement held on Saturday morning during the Portage Ex. Prize money from the fair was given out to members. The club’s next meeting and its public speaking night were set for Feb. 10. – Dawson Orr-Roulette



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