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2010 Was A Good Year On The Bug Front

There were few insect problems in cereal crops in 2010. Armyworms were a concern in some fields. Shipments of larvae of cereal leaf beetle containing the parasitoid Tetrastichus julis (Eulophidae) were released in some fields near Swan River.

In canola, cutworms were a problem in some fields. Root maggots and damage to plants was noticed in some fields that were in canola for the second year in a row. Diamondback moth were a concern in the eastern and central regions of Manitoba. Lygus bugs were the main insect concern in sunflower fields.

Green cloverworm were a concern in soybeans and dry edible beans. The full report is available at:

New Folicur EW from Bayer CropScience

For the past eight years, Canadian cereal growers have depended on Folicur to protect their wheat crops from fusarium head blight and other yield-robbing leaf disease. Now with new Folicur EW, growers can put that same powerful disease protection to work for them in their oat and barley crops with new Folicur EW.

Along with FHB, Folicur EW protects crop yields from disease pressures including rust, tan spot and septoria leaf blotch.

“With the new Folicur EW formulation, growers will get the same proven leaf and head disease protection of Folicur but now they don’t have to add a surfactant,” said Graham Hastie, manager of cereal crops fungicides/insecticides and seed treatments.

Folicur EW will be available from participating Bayer CropScience retails across Western Canada for the 2011 growing season.



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