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You Can’t Go Wrong With Blue And White

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Some colour schemes just never go out of style and blue and white is a colour c omb i n a t i o n that works in most any home. Because there are so many shades of blue one can certainly take the blue and white theme to a whole new level. For example, the timeless blue and white pattern of Wedgewood Jasperware could become the inspiration for a lovely master bedroom. Creamy white linens, draperies and window/ door trim set against soft-blue walls would make for a restful, elegant space. Add decorative white accents and you’d have a bedroom that is stylish and timeless.

Blue and white checks are synonymous of a country décor. Checks are reminiscent of picnics and relaxed fun, which in my opinion are things that are always in style. I still have the blue and white faux tile backsplash in my kitchen that I’ve had for years. I updated the look recently by incorporating a celery green paint in the room which works well with the darkblue and white accents.

Denim blue and off white (like a cotton T-shirt) are a great colour combination for a boy’s room. Recycle old blue jeans by using them to create toss cushions, bolsters and floor pillows that the boys can toss around without worry. To keep the room light and airy opt for a faded-denim blue rather than a dark-denim paint colour.

I still like a nautical theme in a bathroom. There’s nothing as clean looking as crisp navy and bright white. These are usually easy colours to find in accessories and linens so it’s a fun prospect for a room redo. Billowy white shower curtains (reminiscent of boat sails) against darkblue walls will make a huge visual statement. If you prefer a less dramatic look or are worried about the space being too dark use the navy only in accessories and linens and leave the balance of the room in fresh white. Fun ideas like using boat cleats as towel or robe hooks will add to the theme.

A steel blue and cool white might be a good choice in a modern décor. To keep the décor from appearing gloomy I’d throw in a splash of colour (like orange, red or purple) in a large painting, poster or other artwork.


In order for your blue and white theme to work you must ensure that you purchase the correct shade of white to go along with your chosen shade of blue. Ask your paint supplier for assistance or use the paint manufacturer’s colour palettes as your guide. There’s lots of information on the Internet at various paint supplier sites so it shouldn’t be too hard to find the right colour pair.


If you like the idea of a blue and white décor but are unsure of which blue to use you can garner your inspiration from many sources. Perhaps your china boasts a blue and white pattern that you can carry into the dining room or the kitchen. A great piece of fabric can be an inspiration not only for the colours but for the design as well. You may even have a shade of blue in your current carpeting or furniture that you have to work with. Don’t let this be a negative. Find a shade of white that will work with your existing blue and update your space with a few coats of paint. Bring in accessories that carry both colours to bring it all together. That once-dreaded blue carpet might just become part of a great space.

Don’t forget that you can be creative with the application of the paint as well. Paint all four walls blue or break it up by painting only the focal wall in blue. Don’t forget the ceiling. A soft-blue ceiling can be dreamy in a bedroom. Make the room appear larger by painting wide, horizontal stripes around the entire room. Paint freehand patterns using your colours to create a truly unique space; large geometrics or whatever suits your fancy. There are tons of ideas for creating a vibrant space just with the paint itself.

Two simple colours can add up to one great décor. From timeless classics to a space with a modern twist, blue and white are a great combination when planning to make a décor change. Have fun considering your options and let me know how it turns out.

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Connie Oliver is an interior designer from Gimli, Manitoba.

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