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Winter — The Perfect Time To Get Creative

When the snow is blowing and the wind is howling outside, it’s a good time to stay indoors and try a few crafts.

Clean up with a Turtle Mop

Sew up some turtle mops. They are great for stepping on and wiping up spills and can be thrown in the washing machine when needed.



Cut two 10-inch circles; one terry and one cotton. Cut feet, head and tail pieces as per Photo 1 (a set from terry and a set from cotton). With right sides together serge or sew and turn. Stuff head with fibrefill. Pin feet, head and tail to right side of cotton circle. Place right side of terry on top. Sew around the edge leaving 1/4-inch seam allowance and leaving an opening to turn. Turn and stuff with fi-

brefill. Topstitch around circle. Tack neck of turtle so head stands up. Sew on eyes (you can use fabric or plastic). Sew a button on turtle’s back if using and add a loop for hanging if desired.

Step on turtle and – voila – wipes up spills.

– Jeanette Danielson writes from Winnipeg

Multi-Purpose Tote

This little tote is quick to sew and easily packed into a suitcase or tossed into the car. The idea stems from an art group; ladies would arrive with brushes, paint tubes, etc., in these totes. They’re not limited to art supplies however, and would come in very handy for many occasions. For a car trip you could place trinkets and small surprises to keep the little ones entertained when, “Are we there yet?” can be heard from the back seat. Craft and sewing supplies or toiletries can be easily placed into the pockets and rolled up. Wrap the tie around it and they’re ready to go. (A rubber band may be used instead of the tie.)

Heavier fabric works best. Cut two pieces measuring 20×13 inches or any size you desire. Right sides facing, stitch together leaving an opening for turning. Handstitch opening and press edges well. Place a cord or ribbon about 20 inches long at one edge – six inches from the top, long end to the outside. Turn up bottom piece 7 inches, pin in place then

stitch around all the outer edges. Cord will be held in place by this stitching. From top to bottom of the folded-up piece, stitch to make pockets of desired widths. Your tote is now complete! – Eva Krawchuk writes from Winnipeg

Handy Hostess Gift

The next time you are invited out and want to convey a little thank you to your hostess, select colours that match her kitchen décor and take her one of these paper towel “ladies” that are so quick and easy to make.


-1 roll of regular-size paper towelling for

body -1 tea towel for

skirt -1 dishcloth to match for

kerchief -Metal pot scrubber

for hair -Felt pen to draw features -Pins with beaded heads -2 safety pins


Fold tea towel in thirds lengthwise and wrap around bottom end of paper towel roll. Use safety pins at back to secure.

Place pot scrubber on top end of roll. Fold dishcloth in half diagonally to make kerchief, crossing over at the lower front and securing with beaded pins.

Draw on features with felt pen. – Alma Barkman writes from Winnipeg

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