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Why Gardeners Are Thankful

National Garden Bureau

” We re thankful for the flower and vegetable companies who continue to bring us new and improved varieties of flowers and vegetables every year.

” We re thankful for the cataloguers and mail-order companies that send us their beautiful tomes of tempting goodies every January, just when the winter doldrums start to set in.

” We re thankful for the retailers who so expertly know which flowers and vegetables will grow in our local area and stock them at the appropriate time.

” We re thankful for the garden supply companies that create new and innovative products that make gardening easier and less painful for aging or physically challenged gardeners.

” We re thankful for the patient horticulture experts who tirelessly answer our many questions in order for us to be more successful in our own gardens.

” We re thankful for the garden writers and bloggers who offer such a wide variety of inspiration and advice that keeps us dreaming and wishing for a garden just like that.

” We re thankful for our families for having the patience to put up with our many failed attempts at gardening, but also who benefit from our many successes.

” We re thankful for our friends who ooh and aah over our gardens no matter how many weeds we forgot to pull or how many sprouts the bunnies ate.

” We re thankful for the sun, the rain, the change of seasons, the cool temperatures, the warm temperatures and everything nature provides to make our gardens grow.



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