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What’s Going On With The Robins?

I heard banging on my dining room window and wondered if this was a spring ritual for robins, because the same thing happened last year. I assumed the red-breast saw its reflection in the window and then repeatedly flew straight at the glass, perhaps thinking it was an intruder. But even with the support of its long back toe, it slipped on the smooth surface leaving dirty toe marks. It would then sit on the sill and peer inside. When I approached the window it would fly into the tree in my front yard, and this strange behaviour would occur during the morning or early afternoons.

Last spring, the robin confined itself to my dining room window; this year it also attacked my front bay window and my rear den window.

My neighbour is also experiencing these attacks. In desperation one day, he took a picture of the robin and placed the photograph on the inside of the pane, thinking this would somehow deter it. No luck. Finally he and his wife bought an owl ornament, which they hoped would solve the dilemma.

Thankfully, last spring, this annoyance only lasted a short season. No doubt, when Mrs. Robin appears, there will be feeding babies and such activities for Mr. Robin to attend to and he will leave us in peace. – Frieda Martens writes from Winnipeg

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