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Unheeded Advice

Why not ignore those garden tools or leave them in the shed? Put to rest this gardening craze and take a trip instead. It’s time to take it easy, get around and have some fun.

Why, I have lived and loved and laughed as much as anyone. I’ve heard those precious songbirds as they greet the dawn of day While breezes gently ushered in the scent of new mown hay. I haven’t viewed the Eiffel Tower or citadels of Spain But I have seen a rainbow over fields of golden grain.

No need to do such heavy work, relax, sit down, unwind.

Why, it’s sowing, hoeing, growing that brings me peace of mind. To be outdoors at sunrise, fresh coffee in a cup Absorbing summer’s beauty before the dust is up. So you fly off to Paris, to Amsterdam or Rome

Let me sing my favourite song, “There Is No Place Like Home.”

– Eva Krawchuk, Winnipeg



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