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Phoney foliage

I am not a great fan of fake flowers and foliage, but I do have a few sprigs of good-quality artificial foliage that I use from time to time. It came in handy this spring when I received my bunch of Cancer Society daffodils. I stuck them into a vase but the arrangement seemed to lack something — the daffodil stems were so bare. I went to the drawer where I keep the fake foliage, pulled out three or four stems and added them to the arrangement. What a difference they made! The fake leaves were the perfect foil for the bright-yellow daffodil blooms and unless you looked very carefully, you really couldn’t tell that the foliage was artificial.

Easy centrepiece

Many gardeners winter geraniums in out-of-the-way locations where the blooms are not viewed and appreciated. In late winter and early spring, the plants will usually be in full bloom. Create a simple table centre by using three or four geranium blooms and about the same number of leaves.

Another good time to do this would be when slips are being taken to start new plants and the blooms have to be sacrificed in the process. The blooms and leaves are simply arranged in a suitably small container and they will serve as an attractive centrepiece for well over a week — and it didn’t cost you a dime!

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