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Thoughts On Canada Day – for Jun. 30, 2011

July 1 is marked on my calendar as a special day. It has been many years since I became a Canadian citizen. I studied the book, memorized the anthem and stood proudly in front of the officials pledging my allegiance to the Queen. To be a Canadian citizen brought along privileges, responsibilities and obligations. I was now allowed to vote, was responsible for my duties as a taxpayer and had the obligation to obey the laws of the land, Canada. Each year on Canada Day we celebrate the opportunities Canada has to offer.

When I wanted to become a citizen of God’s Kingdom, I studied the Book, the Holy Bible. I memorized many verses, and I now accept the fact that the door to my Heavenly Home will be open when God calls me home. My responsibility is to live according to His will that I am obligated to seek each day.

– Addy Oberlin writes from

Swan River, Manitoba

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