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The Good Life

A family sold their farm one day City bound they made their way An auction sale had long preceded Taking only what they needed They packed their bags and ventured on Their farming life forever gone A sigh of pain, a tear or two For the many years they saw life through The many storms, drought, flood and frost The sleepless nights, the joy was lost They weathered it all but came the day Struggling, they knew they could not stay Through BSE and increasing expenses They were losing ground when they took a census.

So they found new jobs, a house so lovely Some leisure time and life quite comfy Their life more certain, less stress and free More time on their hands for the whole family.

Yet, sometimes in the morning, when the sun begins to rise Thoughts go back to farming as tears dim the eyes Longing for the country and the way it used to be Fresh air, the soil, the open plain as far as one can see This bit of heaven steals the souls, of those who farm the earth It’s stamped forever on their hearts, ever since their birth So make your choices wisely, weigh all options, take the clue That farming life’s not built on wealth, it’s loving what you do.

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