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Test Your Easter Knowlege

1. Easter is an improper translation of what Greek word for the Passover in the King James Version of Acts 12:4?

2. What does the annual Jewish Passover Festival celebrate?

3. The Church Fathers used the symbols and beliefs associated with the worship of their sun god to teach which pagans about Christ?

4. Although it had its origins in pagan worship of the sun god, what does the Christian Easter sunrise service commemorate?

5. Christians began to observe Easter Sunday nearly 20 years after the death of which last remaining eyewitness to Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection?

6. Which Roman Emperor was a worshipper of the sun god before he converted to Christianity?

7. Which legend of Astarte, the Greek goddess of love and fruitfulness, led to the Easter tradition of rabbits laying eggs?

8. Passover fell on the 14th day of which month in the Jewish religious calendar?

9. Jesus’ resurrection occurred on the Feast of Firstfruits, which is how many days after Passover?

10. Which calendar that replaced the Julian calendar in 1582, eliminated the difficulty of fixing the date for Easter?

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