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Sure signs of autumn

I know it’s fall when…

The sunscreen in my vehicle seems oddly out of place.

The thought of canning, packaging or preserving another garden product is overwhelming.

The kiddie pool has been deflated, washed and stored.

I’m on another bumpy hayride balancing a cup of apple cider and a toddler.

The school’s parent advisory committee is searching for volunteers.

Hot chocolate is the preferred beverage rather than slurpees and iced tea.

Small puffs of smoke escape my neighbour’s chimney each morning.

I am holding a garden fork to harvest potatoes and carrots.

Mittens and tuques are needed for evening walks and bike rides.

I have to change all air conditioning switches to heat in vehicles and buildings.

Combines harvest corn late into the night.

Pumpkins, sunflowers and bale arrangements decorate rural yards.

There are giggles coming from the pile of leaves I just raked.

– Sheila Braun writes from Landmark, Manitoba

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