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Summer Welding Project – for Jul. 29, 2010

Ahhh – morning coffee outside! And to set down that cup of coffee, why not pull out those old, “too good to throw out,” antique heat grates you keep storing, and weld up a lovely patio table.

Table 1(top photo)

This table was made of a large grate welded onto an old TV stand. The TV stand was cut and welded to fit the size of the grate. The finished height is 19 inches – a good height for an end table. After the grate was welded to the stand, a soft wire brush in a drill was used to sand off the top. Then, two coats of an alkyd paint such as Tremclad were applied. Any paint that is formulated for rusty metal will be good. The paint I used was tinted at the hardware store to a colour that blends with my lawn chairs. An old brush was used to dab the paint into the surfaces of the grate. This is pretty hard on the bristles of a brush but it is good to cover all surfaces.

Table 2(bottom photo)

This smaller table has legs made of galvanized pipe. There is a slight splaying of the legs, for stability. An angle iron frame was welded onto the legs with the grate bolted onto the frame. The table stands at a coffee table height of 16 inches. Because the pipe is galvanized, before painting it was washed with TSP (trisodium phosphate, found in the cleaning section of a hardware store), rinsed, and primed with an alkyd metal primer. This was followed by two coats of Tremclad paint. Spraying the paint would also work. But it didn’t take much more than half an hour per coat with the brush.

And there you have stylish designer tables to hold your coffee cup!

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