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Softer Side Of Dining

The dining room in the photo has an unusual colour palette. The pale yellow and blue paint colours are an u n c ommo n choice for a space like this, being more common for a bedroom or perhaps a bathroom.

There is something inviting about this room, however. The space is warm and welcoming which is exactly what you want in a space where you’re entertaining.

The casual tone of the room’s design also makes it a place where you want to stay and visit. The denim fabric on the chairs is not fussy and is a perfect colour to compliment the soft yellow and blue wall colours. What could be more comfy than a pair of blue jeans? The band of blue being used in the room with high ceilings adds dimension and is further enhanced by painting the smaller trim along it in a soft cream colour.

The table display, which includes items with a vintage flavour, is also warm and welcoming. There are no traditional place settings and the dishes, cutlery and napkins are stacked in a casual manner. No fancy china to worry about dropping here. Don’t forget that food can be used as an accessory and a platter of golden pears carries the yellow wall colour to the table. The candle holders, reminiscent of vintage wooden thread spools, are used instead of more formal candle holders with traditional tapered candles. The casual vintage lace runner finishes the overall look.

The accessories are simple as well. Twigs from the yard, a vintage wire egg basket and books, make an interesting display on the console table. This table is most likely meant to be used as a sofa table in a living room but it works beautifully here.

The artwork appears to be a simple cupboard door whitewashed and lightly painted with the blue wall paint. Leaning the painting on a table rather than hanging it on the wall creates a casual country feel.

This is probably an older home so the lighting is likely substandard. No fancy chandelier hanging from the high ceiling. Instead, a simple drum shade is suspended from the ceiling fixture. A casual floor lamp in the corner and candles can be used to cast a soft glow in the evening.

The large window without window treatment is nice if you can do it. If privacy is an issue at least ensure that the drapery treatment can be opened fully during the day. You could also consider non-traditional treatments like an etched glass effect which will provide privacy but will still allow natural light into the room.

You’ll notice the small air vent near the ceiling that is painted white. I do understand the thinking behind doing this as the fretwork of the air vent is pretty but I’d prefer to see it painted the same colour as the wall around it so that it blends into the wall. It’s an odd place to feature this kind of architectural detail. If you have similar oddities to deal with consider whether or not they are something you want to feature before you paint them in a contrasting colour.

So be open to all sorts of colour palettes for any room you plan to decorate. In this example, soft colours make for a very hospitable and pleasing dining experience and convey the message, “I’m really glad you came.”

– Connie Oliver is an interior designer from Winnipeg


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