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Small Popsicles For Small Kids

When making popsicles for the grandchildren, the regular size is usually so big most of it melts before the toddlers can finish them, with the juice dripping onto their clothing and creating stains.

Try this instead: Prescription pill bottles (which most grandmas seem to acquire in abundance) have an insert in the lid to make them childproof. Pry out this insert and you will find that it fits perfectly into the top of the pill bottle. Cut a tiny X in the middle of the insert to hold a stick. (Short pieces of small dowelling left over from other projects can be cut into appropriate lengths, depending on the size of the pill bottle.) Poke about two-thirds of the stick through the slit but leave enough for a tiny hand to hold. Fill the pill bottle with your favourite popsicle mix, (leaving a little room for expansion) insert the stick and freeze. Run warm water over the pill bottle to remove the popsicle.

– Alma Barkman writes from Winnipeg.

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