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Signs Of Spring

If you know a Prairie winter Then you know the cold and snow

And you know how we would watch for spring With the signs we came to know

We’d be off to school bundled up The mornings were still cold

But by afternoon the warm spring sun Would make those who were bold

Enough to take a chance and go without their coats And maybe leave off tuque and scarf and

start creating boats

From twigs and sticks to sail upon iced puddles in the yard

It wasn’t long till boots were filled, the ice was never hard Enough to hold four six-year-olds or maybe one of ten With chilly feet and icy socks we had to start again Our teacher was long suffering, she rigged up drying racks And had a chart for signs of spring on a

blackboard in the back

The first crow made us celebrate and then

came the meadowlarks

And gophers on the roadside and a robin in the park There were crocuses and buttercups and

frogs and on it went

Prairie springs are more than welcome,

each new sign was an event Even now though it’s years later, I remember clearly yet The signs we had of a Prairie spring How could anyone forget!

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