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Remembrance Day

We’re wearing the poppy and, filled with regret, pay homage to all the young victims

of wars that are past and of fights laid to rest. But the guns yet still blaze the world over.

Tears fall from our eyes as the mourning of taps and the piper’s lament stirs our senses.

The right words are said and the wreaths are all laid.

But the bombshells still fall the world over.

The aging survivors are bowing their heads in silence, rememb’ring their comrades. We pray that their rest will be peaceful and blessed.

But more young ones still die the world over.

For years we’ve been saying: No, never again. But where is the peace that we’re craving? There’s still blood and tears and more children in fear

and more mothers who mourn the world over.

– Joyce Slobogian Brandon, Manitoba



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