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Recycle A Teacup

If the handle on a favourite china cup happens to break and you no longer trust the glue job you tried to do on it, recycle it into a pincushion. Or pick up a pretty cup and saucer at a second-hand store. These make nice gifts for the seamstresses in the family, or with a little help, a granddaughter can make one for her grandma. The top part is handy as a pincushion, and the saucer keeps stray bobbins from rolling away.


Instant bonding glue and tacky glue

Matching cup and saucer

Fabric scrap about 8 inches square (20 cm) in a complementary colour

Needle and strong thread

Cotton batting

Artificial flower

Matching ribbon


Use the instant bonding glue to attach the bottom of the cup to the saucer. While it is drying, cut out a circle of fabric with a diameter of about 8 inches (20 cm). Run a basting thread around the outside edge, leaving tails at either end. Pull to partially tighten. Stuff firmly with cotton batting until you have a ball that fits snugly into the cup.

Finish tightening thread and knot ends. Smear tacky glue on the bottom side of ball and position in cup. Tie sprig of artificial flowers (and maybe a gift tag) to the handle of the cup with ribbon.

– Alma Barkman writes from Winnipeg, Manitoba

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