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Fashion, television and nutritional thinking have all changed in the past 40 years.

Looking back on nutrition trends

Though nutrition recommendations have changed over the years, moderation is still key

Where were you in 1979? I know some of my readers were adults at the time. Others were teens or children. Still others weren’t born yet. I was recently at the 40th anniversary meeting of a nutrition group that featured a keynote speaker who walked us through decades of changes in nutrition recommendations. Trust me:

While higher in sugar, brown bananas are a little easier to digest and offer slightly more antioxidants.

Going bananas for brown bananas

Even the ripeness of bananas is a valuable resource in the kitchen

Does the sight of brown spots on bananas make you uneasy or do you enjoy that intense, sweet flavour that comes from brown bananas? If eating freckled bananas right out of the fruit basket isn’t your thing, perhaps some tasty recipes using overripe bananas might pique your interest. Let’s put any fear to rest; brown

Fruits and vegetables are typically the foods most lacking in diets and often wasted in kitchens.

Keep a cap on fruit and vegetable spoilage

Fresh produce is among the foods consumers waste the most

“This would be a good followup article,” my husband said with a grin. I pondered his suggestion as I grabbed a grocery cart. A while back, I wrote about a grocery shopping trip I took with our son. I was providing a “kitchen warming” gift for him after he moved into his own place. I

This time of year many of us can’t wait for the chance to grow some of our own food.

Is anyone else anxious for spring?

Now is a good time to think about what we put on our plate and perhaps growing some of the food we eat

The woman looked in my cart, glanced up at me and smiled. “I know how you feel,” she said. I didn’t look sad or dejected, by the way. I laughed and kept adding more items to my cart. What was I loading in my cart? I’ll give you a hint: I was in a hardware

Only a kitchen thermometer can tell you for sure if a food item has been cooked safely without overcooking.

Where’s your food thermometer?

If you don’t have this essential piece of kitchen equipment, you need to get one

Hi, I’m Julie. What’s your name?” I asked the woman sitting at the table at a food safety conference. She responded with her name and place of work, and asked me where I work. “I work at North Dakota State University,” I replied. “I went to college there,” she said enthusiastically. “What was your major?”

Grapes and cheese on skewers. A fun way to serve fruit and cheese while also controlling portion size.

Snacks and lunches to go

Spring can be a busy time so try these quick and nutritious food ideas

Spring break marks the home stretch for school and the start of spring farm work. For us home cooks, this means making more lunches and snacks to go. Keeping your kids and farmers fuelled with good food will help them function at their best and prevent fatigue, constipation, energy crashes and dehydration. For the best

A light snack of the right kind at night may actually help you sleep better.

How do late-night snacks and beverages affect sleep?

Prairie Fare: Recent evidence shows that having a small bedtime snack might be good for us

I glanced at my alarm clock one morning. I was expecting the alarm would be going off any minute. I usually get up at 6 a.m. The clock said 7:24 a.m. I blinked hard and looked again. The time hadn’t changed. We had overslept. I jumped out of bed and knocked on my school-age daughter’s

Cold weather can cause your appetite to go into overdrive.

Does freezing weather increase the calories we burn?

Our environmental conditions can definitely affect our metabolism

When I arrived at work, the temperature was 14 C. At this temperature, the students on campus ordinarily would have packed away their winter coats, scarves, hats, mittens and boots. They are wearing shorts and flip-flops. Unfortunately, 14 C was the temperature in my office. The outdoor temperature was at least 35° colder, so my

Unique food cultures — and tasty recipes — have sprung up all over the world.

Add some international flair to your menus

Put the world on your plate with recipes from around the globe

Wow, score!” I thought to myself as I reached for a cookbook with more than 1,600 recipes from 17 countries. Better yet, the book was marked $3 at the antique store, and all books had an additional 25 per cent markdown that day. They were practically giving the book away. I retrieved my phone and

Canada’s Food 
Guide  is making 
broad recommendations rather than telling people how much and of what 
to eat.

Your guide to a better diet

Red meat, poultry and dairy are still on
 the menu, but so are other protein foods

Canada’s new food guide is less prescriptive than it has ever been. There are no recommendations for number of servings or serving sizes for any specific food. There are just broad guiding statements to help Canadians make more healthy eating choices. These statements echo healthy eating recommendations by countries around the world and reflect current