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Planting Tomorrow’s Heritage – for Oct. 8, 2009

Trees being planted by members of the Manitoba Women’s Institute right now may be among the heritage trees we look to tomorrow, say MFA officials.

Under the urging of their president, MWI locals this year have been planting trees in their communities for beautification as well as a small way to mitigate climate change.

“Everything has to start with one small step,” said Enid Clark, WI president who initiated the project. “It seemed to be one of the small ways that WI could do something that will be good down the road. We hope it’s something that maybe could continue over the years too.”

Thus far, the WI office has become aware of trees planted at Rivers’ cemetery and a dozen trees such as black walnut, Ohio buckeye and butternut trees planted at the Minnedosa Heritage Village, Clark said. It was left up to individual locals to decide when and what to plant.

The trees being planted aren’t saplings but have with several years’ growth on them, Clark added.

More tree planting will take place when WI marks its centennial next spring in Morris. Trees will be handed out at their spring convention to delegates.

The MFA is very keen to hear Manitobans’ stories associated with its trees, and trees planted to mark special events make good candidates for their updated heritage director, MFA’s Patricia Pohrebniuk said. [email protected]



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