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The Nor-West Farmer and Manitoba Miller

Our History: January 1888

antique newspaper from 1888

The Co-operator’s predecessor The Scoop Shovel was not Manitoba’s first farm publication — that honour belongs to The Nor-West Farmer and Manitoba Miller, which began in 1882, later becoming The Grain Growers Guide and later Country Guide. This page from the January 1888 issue contains advertisements from Binscarth Stock Farm, Beresford Stock Farm in Brandon, Nairn’s Oatmeal in Winnipeg and others.

Among the “News Notes” in that issue were that “A field of Mr. Jas. Robertson, Glendale, yielded 52 bushels to the acre and one of W. Sirell’s 50 bushels to the acre on a 25-acre field.”

“Mr. E.L. Puxley, the Westbourne rancher, has imported a splendid Hereford bull…”

“The Winnipeg Grain and Produce Exchange is now in full working order, being open from noon to 1 o’clock p.m., at which there is a good attendance of grain men, who find that it saves them time and money, as well as facilitates business.”

And most importantly, “Every farmer who declines to take an agricultural paper on the plea that they cannot afford it is almost sure to lose in a year 10 times its cost directly through lack of information that it would surely give.”

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