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Producers reminded ready-to-cook turkeys are now the norm

Our History: November 1957

This ad in our Nov. 21, 1957 issue reminded producers that it was now necessary to supply turkeys in eviscerated, ready-to-cook form.

An item in that issue reminded that Agriculture Minister Doug Harkness would be on CBC radio’s Farm Forum Nov. 25, commenting on national farm policy and farm credit. Farm Forum was a program broadcast to listening groups of farmers across the country. After the broadcasts they would discuss the program and mail comments to CBC , which would report on them in subsequent programs.

Another story reported that Mr. Harkness told the House of Commons that he had received interim reports on the idea of introducing crop insurance, but had no final recommendations.

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An opinion piece that issue was titled “Is butter the real criminal?” The writer lamented that his doctor had warned him off butter due to his heart condition.

“But eminent nutritional and even medical authorities have agreed recently that no convincing evidence has really yet been produced that butter and other animal fats are the criminals many doctors believe them to be,” he wrote.

A meeting of the Agricultural Institute of Canada in Winnipeg the previous week heard a prediction that the day was approaching when protein would become a grading factor in wheat. Another story that month said the protein content of the 1957 crop averaged 14.1 per cent, the highest since 1947. However, all-wheat production of 348 million bushels (9.47 million tonnes) was well down from 551 million the previous year and the 10-year average of 462 million.

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