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Delco-Light generator can power your farm

Our History: September 1927

Delco-Light generator can power your farm

The Delco-Light generator advertised in the September 1927 issue of The Scoop Shovel could provide light for buildings and power for the separator, grinder, pump or saw for only a few cents per day.

In a lengthy article, Manitoba Wheat Pool manager R.M. Mahoney discussed grain grading, a subject on which he said, “I have a rather sinking sensation, very much as if I were juggling a couple of sticks of dynamite.” He addressed what were apparently numerous complaints of unfair grades from members, and defended the system of government grading. “Manitoba 1 Northern, 2 Northern or 3 Northern is a trademark, backed by the Dominion of Canada, and when a miller or importer buys Canadian wheat he is buying the guaranteed article.”

Some farmers around Birtle had complained about discounts on Axminister wheat, which they said had good yield and quality. Mahoney explained that this was a white spring variety, so it had to be discounted at 30 cents a bushel under Marquis.

A report from United Livestock Growers in Winnipeg said Toronto hog prices were still too high to be justified by the current bacon market in England. Prices were quoted on the basis of 88 to 92 shillings per hundredweight. In the cattle market, the British market was out of the question, with no immediate likelihood of Canadian shipments being resumed. But things looked better for the U.S. market, which had recently reached an all-time high of $16.90/cwt.

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