Replacing the Manitoba Farm Bureau, and rust problems in winter wheat

Our History: January 1984

Our lead story in the Jan. 5 issue was that a series of 25 meetings had been arranged to discuss the idea of a new general farm organization to replace the Manitoba Farm Bureau, which had collapsed over differences over how to pay the Crow freight rate benefit. Spokesmen for farm organizations worried that poor attendance at the meetings would hamper the efforts led by Manitou broiler producer Bert Hall, but they were later successful in establishing Keystone Agricultural Producers.

We reported that in an important case, the Manitoba Court of Appeal ruled in favour of an 85-year-old Elie widow’s claim to one-third of her late husband’s 160-acre farm under the provincial Dower Act. The will had originally left the farm to two of the four children.

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Rust problems in winter wheat were on the agenda at the Manitoba Agronomists conference, with predictions that resistant varieties would not be available for 10 years. Fungicides were discussed as a possibility but given the small acreage of winter wheat on the Prairies, one speaker doubted whether it would be worthwhile for chemical companies to pursue registration.

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