The “one and only disker” for what the farmer wants!

Our History: February 1957

The “one and only disker” for what the farmer wants!

In February 1957 you could buy “The one and only disker” which was built in the farmers’ own factory here in Winnipeg by men who know what the farmer wants!”

At the annual meeting of the Manitoba Vegetable Growers, directors complained about lack of co-operation from the provincial government in setting up compulsory inspection stations in Winnipeg. Past president W.E. Kroeker also asked why the province did not support a marketing board, and reportedly said that “growers could not understand why a board should be so repulsive to the government when similar boards were accepted not only in Manitoba but other parts of Canada.” He also criticized the government for not enforcing laws controlling the collection of municipal taxes from market gardeners.

At the annual meeting of the Canadian Meat Council, it was reported that there was record Canadian meat production of almost two billion pounds in 1956. The meeting also heard that no less than 400 chemical food preservatives were under consideration by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, because of the “gross inadequacy of refrigeration facilities presently available.”

A report from the Brandon Experimental Farm said that it had been found that mixtures of grasses and alfalfa were preferable to grasses alone, with 1956 yields of 0.7 ton of dry matter for grasses alone and 3.5 tons for a grass-alfalfa mix.

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