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‘Big meaty’ prize turkeys

Our History: April 1960

‘Big meaty’ prize turkeys

Turkeys used to be grown on many farms in the province, and an ad like this one in our April 14, 1960 issue promoted the benefits of breeds such as the “Brown” Chinook Belt Bronze and the Menefee Hybrids.

However, the news that month may have indicated there were too many producers in the business. Delegates at the 38th annual convention of the Manitoba Dairy and Poultry Co-operative passed a resolution in favour of quotas until such time as producer marketing boards could be established. And that month, the federal government announced a deficiency payment of eight cents per dozen on eggs. It also announced it would continue a dairy price support system for another year, and the Department of Agriculture would “undertake a publicity and advertising campaign with a view to stimulating the consumption of butter.”

Meanwhile, after a meeting in Portage, a provisional board of the Hog Producers Association of Manitoba announced its intention to organize, and that it “may or may not” consider a marketing board.

The previous harvest had apparently not been a good one. We reported that harvesting had resumed of grain that was snowed in, the previous fall in Alberta and western Saskatchewan, but as yet there was no indication it had resumed in Manitoba and eastern Saskatchewan.

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