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Pulverize, crush and level with the Acme Harrow

Our History: April 1887

Advertisements in the April 1887 issue of The Nor-West Farmer and Manitoba Miller included the Acme Pulverizing Harrow, Clod Crusher and Leveler as well as Sedgwick Woven Steel Wire Fence and Gates.

The issue contained an extensive article on dairying, beginning with plans for a creamery, which could be built for an estimated $1,800. However, it recommended that before construction, the potential operator should canvass the area to “see how many cows you are reasonably sure of getting.” It was recommended that tanks to hold cans should be built near a well or spring for cooling. There were also instructions on skimming and tempering cream, and suggestions for resolving the problem of cream not being churned successfully into butter.

Another article encouraged Manitoba farmers to follow the example of U.S. counterparts and to get more into the poultry business.

“It is frequently said, and often with good reason, that times are dull, and if people would better their condition they should work diligently to that end… our American cousins keep their eyes open and are ready for any opportunity to make money and better their condition. We commend them for this.”

One tip for successful management was “See that your birds have a good run, so that they may be able to take sufficient exercise. Idleness leads to mischief in the case of hens, as in the case of a ‘higher class of bipeds.’”

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