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A recipe book for Christmas, with a dash of history

Our History: December 1954

If you were looking for a Christmas present in 1954, one suggestion was a ring-bound recipe book, which also contained short histories of many Manitoba co-operatives. Our Dec. 8 issue also contained a report on the overall financial results of Canadian co-ops. Total sales for 1953 were $1.2 billion, an increase of $90 million from the previous year. The report also mentioned “Episode in Valleydale,” a film produced by Manitoba Pool on the advantages of selling through a co-op.

An item reprinted from an Ontario rural newspaper said, “It was with considerable dismay that The Countryman recently read some statistics in regard to milking machines. The way things are going it won’t be long before milking stools join buffalo robes, bootjacks and fringe-topped surreys in the museum of outmoded things.”

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The article lamented the trend. “We wish more men had the pleasant experience of sitting on a solid milking stool twice daily and watching the head of bubbly foam mount in the milk pail. As a man rhythmically squeezes, and jets of white liquid shoot into the frothy mass, he can relax from the tensions of this disturbed and confused world and rebuild his strength.”

A Department of Agriculture survey revealed concerns about seed quality that year. Of 798 samples, only eight per cent could be graded No. 1, while 55 per cent graded rejected.

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