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‘Get ahead’ with Pool hybrid pigs

Our History: September 1969

‘Get ahead’ with Pool hybrid pigs

Pool hybrid pigs advertised in our Sept. 25, 1969 issue were said to yield well and bring good returns, with one customer reporting a sale of 100 animals with an average return of $60.22 and a total of $126 in premiums.

Our main front-page story was on a Food and Agricultural Organization report which suggested Canada’s wheat problem was only just beginning. It said developing countries would become more self-sufficient in production rather than buying from Canada, and that some could even become export competitors. Canadian wheat carry-over was forecast to reach 23 million tonnes in 1969-70. That was more than a full year’s average production at the time, and it compares with only 5.2 million tonnes of carry-over this year.

We reported on “the greatest cattle sale ever held in Eastern Canada,” which was the complete dispersal of hockey star Bobby Hull’s Hullvue Polled Hereford Cattle Farm in Picton, Ont. A record crowd of more than 2,000 attended the sale of 240 animals for a total of more than $135,000. The top bull went for $3,325.

The new NDP government had announced an income tax increase to collect funds to offset its reduction in Medicare premiums, which were still being paid by individual Manitobans. This brought Manitoba income taxes to the highest level in Canada, but the government said a married man with two children earning $11,348 would pay less in total for medial care under the new scheme.

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