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Dayton Dozer blades for your tractor

Our History: February 1964

Dayton Dozer blades for your tractor

This Dayton utility dozer blade was advertised in our February 1964 issues.

The lead story on our Feb. 13 front page reported that a legislative commitee on livestock marketing in Manitoba had recommended that a provincial hog-marketing commission be established to inject more competition into the marketplace. However, it did not recommend a producer-controlled board. “The system of compulsory marketing was an extremely contentious one and many individuals and groups have strong feelings about this,” the article reported. However, there was general agreement that “the present marketing system was unsatisfactory because of the lack of a price-setting agency due to the decline in use of the public market.”

Both an article quoting university soil scientists and the editorial that week warned against claims in recent advertisements by a U.S. supplier of foliar-applied liquid fertilizer. The editorial said, “Soils experts stress — it is not possible to attempt to correct nitrogen, phosphorus and potash deficiency in plants by spraying liquid fertilizer on the leaves.”

In a story titled ‘Computer becomes farmer’s hired help,’ the Farm Credit Corporation had introduced 117 Canadian farmers to electronic farm accounting and it planned to increase the number to 500 in 1964.

Tractor specials advertised in the classified section that week included a Ford 8-N with mower for $575, an I.H.C. 350 Diesel for $2,050 and an I.H.C. TD9 for $4,300.

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