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Young men for management… girls for typing?

Our History: May 1961

Young men for management… girls for typing?

In the “Some things have improved” department, these two ads (shown above and below) appeared adjacent to each other in our May 25, 1961 issue. “Young men” were invited to apply for management, accounting and marketing at the University of Manitoba, and “girls” for typewriting, shorthand and bookkeeping at Manitoba Commercial College.

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In the “Some things may not have improved” department, readers were invited to send to the Department of Agriculture for Fallout on the Farm, a booklet outlining the steps in protecting the farmer, his crop and livestock from radioactive fallout.” It outlined “the steps in survival a Canadian farmer must know by instinct should a radioactive attack materialize.”

There were early signs of what would become the driest year on record for the Prairies. We reported that seeding was well underway after a cold and wet spring, but pastures were showing only slow growth. The front-page story on June 1 said drought had a “vice-like grip” on large sections of the province.

Also in the news May 27 was announcement that J.R. Simplot would build a potato-processing plant in Carberry, which also saw the official opening of the Stramit strawboard-manufacturing plant the next week. And Virden on May 27 saw the opening sale of 175 cattle at its new auction mart.

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