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Drive away wireworms with Pandrinox

Our History: January 1960

Drive away wireworms with Pandrinox

Pandrinox seed treatment advertised in our January 1960 issues offered control of both insects and fungal diseases, and came with a “handy Pandri-meter” to measure the proper amount.

The Jan. 28 issue reported the release of the one-man “Manitoba Margarine Inquiry Commission” headed by W.J. Waines, dean of arts and science at the University of Manitoba. His 25-page report recommended that the ban on colouring margarine be removed. He concluded that “factory colouring similar to butter will have no appreciable effect, or at most a slight effect, on the economic status of the dairy and edible oil industries.”

Previously margarine could only be coloured with a packet of yellow colouring that came with purchase. The report said, “The factory colouring of margarine will relieve the housewife of the inconvenience imposed upon her if she wishes to serve, in an attractive form, what is admittedly a nutritious food.”

The issues that month reported on an exchange of letters between Prime Minister John Diefenbaker and Manitoba Pool president W.J. Parker, writing on behalf of the three Prairie Pools and UGG. They expressed concern about potential effect on grain sales after imposition of import quotas on Japanese textiles.

Early in the month federal officials were warning against heavy marketings of hogs before a change to the deficiency payment system. They said overloading the market would mean delayed slaughter, delayed settlement and unnecessary shrinkage.

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